Забавная карта метро

Alternative metro maps


Try reading it out loud and there will be real russian names of the subway stations.
To read that map correctly you need to speak fast, but don’t forget about accents.

To hear a voice put your mouse on the name of the station. All Russian and most part of English is done. English voice is american and if you’ll help me to record english English it’ll be very cool.

Also, new russian, ukrainian and belorussian 
cities are in progress.

Stay tuned!


   These translated subway maps were originally conceived as a joke. But it turned out that they can be beneficial for English speakers, and not only for them, subway passengers in the former Soviet space. Sometimes it is very difficult for them to deal with pronunciation of the names of subway stations. For the most part this is actual for Moscow and St. Petersburg with their extensive underground transport system.

   On this website you can read and listen to the stations names, the pronunciation of which are in English every Russian speaker will understand that you have in mind, or you can easily get to your destination heard a similar set of sounds from a speaker in the subway train.